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Tantrix Game Pack
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Tantrix Game Pack

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Tantrix Game Pack

The Tantrix Game Pack consists of 56 hexagonal bakelite tiles which can be grouped in 4 sets of 14 tiles each with designs of curved and straight lines in red, blue, green and yellow. Each tile is unique, and each is numbered on the reverse from 1 through 56, which is useful when choosing the tiles for the puzzles. It is a great favourite world-wide with puzzle enthusiasts.

In the 2 to 4 Player Game, each player takes a colour: red, blue, green or yellow. The objective is to make the longest possible line or loop of your own colour. Each player will then draw a tile from the bag. The player with  the highest number will start. Each player then draws five more tiles from the bag, making a hand of six tiles, which is always maintained. Any tile you place must fit with those already played, and if you can fill a "forced" space with one of your tiles, you MUST do so. Detailed examples of play are given, and there is an excellent Quick Start Guide for this game.

The Solitaire Game takes the first 14 tiles, which you shuffle, stack, then turn over one at a time trying to make a Red line with all 14 tiles. Again, all lines must match with those already played, and if you turn over a tile which will fit into a forced space, you must play there.

There are Discovery Puzzles to be played using the first 30 tiles placed face down with their numbers showing. Start with the first three tiles and make a yellow loop, then break those tiles apart and add tile 4 to make a loop of four (red). The colour of each new tile's number shows what colour loop to make. As you continue adding the tiles up to the number 30, you will find the the puzzles becoming more challenging.

There are five Rainbow puzzles to attempt, some symmetrical and artistic patterns to solve, then a number of Advanced Puzzles: Pyramid Puzzles, and the Super 5 puzzles, which even mathematicians find to be a challenge! There are even some unsolved puzzles to attempt.


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