Freedom's Most WantedFresco: The Glaziers, Exp. 4, 5, 6

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The ceiling in the cathedral is getting on a bit and is in urgent need of restoration. The bishop is awaiting important visitors and wants to show off his church from its best side. In this coluorful family game, the players slip into the role of the fresco painters and have to prove their abilities... but only the player who plans cleverly can win!

Players act as artisans. They have to restore a fresco in a Renaissance church. This fascinating game already contains 3 expansion modules which can be combined with the basic game in any desired manner to influence the scope of the game. Elaborately structured game cards, additional coloured pieces and lots of bonus counters provide even more excitement!

Each player starts with 5 workers and has to plan their work, day by day. The game has a modular structure giving the players the opportunity to decide how ambitious they want to play.
New features like deciding their own wake-up time (and therefore their mood for the rest of the day will make this game unique. The modular structure will attract casual as well as experienced players.

Nominated for the Spiel des Jahres, Winner of the Deutsches Spiel Preis, Winner of the Golden Geek award 2010.

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