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Drakon, 4th Edition
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Drakon, 4th Edition

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Drakon - designed by Tom jolly

You have been caught looting the hoard of the dreaded dragon Drakon. For such transgression, a fiery death should be the only appropriate response. But Drakon has decided to toy with you before she devours you. You and your rival heroes will each be released into the labyrinth, and the first hero to discover ten gold pieces will go free with his treasure. The rest of you will satisfy the dragon’s hunger.

On every turn, you have a crucial choice to make. You can either move forward into a new chamber, or you can expand the labyrinth by playing a new chamber tile from your hand. The new chambers that you play feature unique circumstances and magical objects that you may encounter on your adventures through Drakon's lair.

Six heroes are trapped within Drakon's sadistic labyrinth, and each hero has his own unique abilities to help him survive. Each ability can only be used once per game though, making the timing of the ability incredibly important. You may play as the sorceress and escape from a most dire situation by passing through a wall. You may play as the thief and collect the gold you need at the most opportune moment by preying on another hero. You may even play as the ranger and use a burst of speed to race across the maze when necessary. No matter which hero you play in a game of Drakon, you'll need to take full advantage of your unique ability at the opportune moment if you want to grab the gold and escape from Drakon's clutches.

In the heart of the dungeon, treasure awaits, and collecting this gold is the only way you can save yourself from a most gruesome fate. What will you encounter within Drakon’s labyrinth? Whether you find ancient magic, uncountable treasure, or searing dragonfire, you’re sure to experience an unforgettable adventure. Test your wits against the dragon in Drakon!

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