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10 Days in the USA £19.99 In 10 Days in the USA, travel the country by jet, car, and on foot. Plan your trip from start to finish using destination and transportation tiles. With a little luck and clever planning, you may outwit your fellow travellers. 2-4, 10+, 30 mins. Product Details
6 Nimmt! £9.99 In 6 Nimmt!, or Take 6, a clever little card game, you want to score as few points as possible. To play the game, you shuffle the 104 number cards, lay out four cards face-up to start the four rows, then deal ten cards to each player...3-10,8+,45mins. Product Details
7 Wonders: Leaders Expansion £17.50 The Leaders Expansion adds variety tro your 7 Wonders game. Players create a Leader hand to play at the beginning of every age, or use to get money or assist in building a wonder of the world. 2-7 players, 10+. 40 minutes to play. Product Details
7 Wonders £34.99 Lead one of the 7 great cities of the Ancient World. Gather resources, develop trade routes and military supremacy. Build your city and erect a Wonder as your monument. 2-7 players, 10+, 30-45 minutes to play. Recommended. Product Details
7 Wonders: Cities Expansion £17.50 7 Wonders: Cities includes team rules, black cards representing the remains of cities, two new wonders: Petra and Byzantium, plus new guild and leader cards for the black cards. A more player-interactive expansion. 2-8 players, 10+, 40 minutes. Product Details
7 Wonders: Duel - Pantheon £17.99 A pantheon from several civilizations — including Greek, Egyptian, and Middle-Eastern — gets added to 7 Wonders: Duel in Pantheon, with each god having its own power to help you or hinder your opponent. 2 players, 10+, 30 minutes. Product Details
7 Wonders: Wonder Pack £8.99 The Wonders Pack for 7 Wonders contains 4 new Wonders of the World to use with your 7 Wonders game: the Great Wall of China, Stonehenge, Abu Simbel and the Manneken Pis (which is a revised version of a promitional item). Product Details
A Game of Thrones: A Dance with Dragons Exp. £12.99 A Dance with Dragons is the first expansion for A Game of Thrones: The Board Game (Second Edition). This exciting new scenario recasts the intrigues of the game in the time frame of A Dance with Dragons. For 3-6 players, 14+, 3 Hours to play. Product Details
A Game of Thrones: A Feast for Crows £13.99 A Feast for Crows is the 2nd expansion for A Game of Thrones: The Board Game. This 4-player scenario includes setup & House Arryn. A deck of Objective cards plus four Special Objective cards alter the way players score VPs. 4 players, 12+, 2 hrs. Product Details
A Touch of Evil: Something Wicked £29.99 Something Wicked will expand your Touch of Evil game with a new board featuring Echo Lake and its surroundings, 4 new heroes, 4 new villains and rules for cooperative play and solo play. 1-8 players, 12+, 60-90 minutes to play. Product Details
Age of Steam £44.99 This is a new printing of the classic game Age of Steam. Featuring new art and components but the same great gameplay (so the previous expansions are still compatible). For 3-6 players, aged 14+, 2-3 hours to play. Product Details
Agricola Even More Buildings Big and Small £11.99 This 2nd expansion for Agricola: All Creaatures Big and Small gives you 27 new special buildings. With them you will have even more ways to expand your farm and breed your animals, especially in combination with the first one. 2, 10+, 30 mins. Product Details
Agricola, Revised Edition £54.99 The Agricola farming game, a revised edition of the celebrated classic, features improved all-wood components and a card selection from the base game as well as its expansions, revised and updated for this edition. 1-4 players, 1-4, 10+, 30-120 minutes. Product Details
Alhambra (2012) £24.99 In Alhambra, each player builds his own board. Players will score points for building the most of a particular building type, and for the length of their Alhambra's wall. For 2-6 players aged 8 to adult, 1 hour to play. Recommended. Product Details
Alien Frontiers, 4th edition £39.99 Do you have what it takes to be a deep space colonist? An alien frontier awaits the brave and daring! This new planet will be harsh, but if you have the skills to manage your resources, the world can be yours. 2-4, 10+, 60 minutes. Product Details
Android Netrunner: 23 Seconds Data Pack £13.99 23 Seconds is the start of The Flashpoint Cycle. The 23 seconds that the world's largest bank and backer of the largest currency goes dark causes enormous losses for the megacoreps, which will have far-reaching ramifications. Product Details
Android Netrunner: Breaker Bay Data Pack £11.99 Breaker Bay, in the SanSan cycle's setting of the Californias, is the site of the University of the Californias with its tens of thousands of students, some of the brightest, who the world's megacorps wish to recruit. 2,12+, 45 mins. Product Details
Android Netrunner: Business First Data Pack £11.99 The issue of clone rights rises to prominence during the Indian Union's national elections. Business First explores the tensions and conflicts within a tumultuous environment with cards that leak horror stories about Jinteki's treatment of its clones. Product Details
Android Netrunner: Data and Destiny, Deluxe Expn. £27.99 In the 165 cards from Data and Destiny (3 each of 55 different cards), you'll find a wealth of new media-focused assets, agendas, and resources. You'll be targeted by new ads and tagged by new ice as NBN launches 3 new divisions. Product Details
Android Netrunner: Escalation Data Pack £13.99 New Angeles post the 23 seconds - chaos and riots, some dead on the street from PriSec or assassins, others just disappeared off the grid. Corps more aggressively locking down, hunting down their rivals. 2 players, 12+, 45 minutes Product Details

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Results 1 - 20 of 441

Featured Products

TIME Stories: Under the Mask

TIME Stories: Under the Mask

Enter the Valley of the Kings and unravel a pharaoh's secret in Under the Mask, the 3rd expansion for TIME Stories, a cooperative time travel game where the players are sent to an alternate time to undo the circumstances behind an anomaly. 2-4, 10+,90 min



You play your cards, one at a time, around the table and around again. Tension mounts. Dare you try your luck? Will you raise the stakes or fold with the heat? Dare you bid again for the rose, or hope your foes get stuck with the grinning skull? 4-6, 8+

Mage Knight: The Lost Legion

Mage Knight: The Lost Legion

The Lost Legion expansion for Mage Knight gives you a new foe - General Volkare, a new playable Mage Knight - Wolfhawk - and a variety of new components, new scenarios and new rules covering 5 player games. 1-5 players, 14+, 4 hours to play.



In Evolution, players adapt their species in a dynamic ecosystem where food is scarce and predators lurk. Traits like Hard Shell and Horns will protect your species from Carnivores, while a Long Neck will help them get food others cannot. 2-6, 10+, 60 min

Pathfinder Adventure Card Game: Mummys Mask Base Set

Pathfinder Adventure Card Game: Mummys Mask Base Set

The Pathfinder Adventure Card Game The Mummy’s Mask pits 1 to 4 heroes against the monsters, curses, and traps of the Mummy’s Mask Adventure Path as you explore dangerous locations in your journey through an exciting fantasy tale. 13+, 2 hours.

Twilight Struggle - Deluxe Edition

Twilight Struggle - Deluxe Edition

Twilight Struggle is a quick-playing, low complexity, card driven political wargame in which the players move units on a map of the period and exert influence attempting to gain allies and control for their superpower. 2 players, 12+, 3 hours. Recommende

Pandemic Legacy, Season 1

Pandemic Legacy, Season 1

In Pandemic Legacy, your disease fighting team must keep 4 deadly diseases at bay for a year. Each month brings surprises, and your actions in each game will affect the next. Will your team be able to keep the viruses at bay for a whole year? 2-4,12+,60mi

Red 7 Card Game

Red 7  Card Game

The rules of Red are simple: Highest Card Wins! But Red is just one of seven games you’ll be playing. If you’re not winning the current game at the end of your turn, you’re out! And the last person standing wins the round. 2-4, 8+, 10 minutes

Magic: Kaladesh Bundle

You Save: £1.99
Magic: Kaladesh Bundle

The Kaladesh Bundle includes a Player's Guide with pictures of all cards in the set and what they do, as well as ten 15-card booster packs, 80 basic land cards, and a Kaladesh-themed life counter. All of this is packed in a large card storage box.

Magic: Eldritch Moon Fat Pack

Magic: Eldritch Moon Fat Pack

Eldritch Moon Fat Pack contains: Nine Eldritch Moon boosters, the Eldritch Moon Player's Guide containing play tips, story background and a visual encyclopedia of every card in the set, a learn-to-play insert, pack of 80 basic lands, spindown life counter

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