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6 Nimmt! £9.99 In 6 Nimmt!, or Take 6, a clever little card game, you want to score as few points as possible. To play the game, you shuffle the 104 number cards, lay out four cards face-up to start the four rows, then deal ten cards to each player...3-10,8+,45mins. Product Details
7 Wonders: Leaders Expansion £17.50 The Leaders Expansion adds variety tro your 7 Wonders game. Players create a Leader hand to play at the beginning of every age, or use to get money or assist in building a wonder of the world. 2-7 players, 10+. 40 minutes to play. Product Details
7 Wonders £34.99 Lead one of the 7 great cities of the Ancient World. Gather resources, develop trade routes and military supremacy. Build your city and erect a Wonder as your monument. 2-7 players, 10+, 30-45 minutes to play. Recommended. Product Details
7 Wonders: Wonder Pack £8.99 The Wonders Pack for 7 Wonders contains 4 new Wonders of the World to use with your 7 Wonders game: the Great Wall of China, Stonehenge, Abu Simbel and the Manneken Pis (which is a revised version of a promitional item). Product Details
Carcassonne game £32.99 Carcassonne is a simple tactical game that offers a unique experience - a majestic way to discover a new world! One of the most popular games we stock, it is great for 2 players or with more and can be expanded 2-5, 8+, 45-60 min. Recommended. Product Details
Caylus £49.99 The players are master builders. By building the King's castle and developing the city around it, they earn prestige points and gain the King's favour. When the castle is finished, the player who has the most prestige wins. 2-5,12+,1-2.5 hrs Product Details
Fresco £39.99 In Fresco, each player has five artisans who work to restore a fresco in a Renaissance church. The one who plans the work most cleverly will win. For 2-4 players, 10 to adult, 45 minutes to play. Recommended. Product Details
Medina, 2nd Edition £39.99 Medina is a classic 3-D building game by Stephan Dorra in which players must place 2 pieces each round, which places an obligation upon each of them - it is not always convenient! A beautiful game to play. 2-4, 10+, 60 minutes. Recommended. Product Details
Puerto Rico £41.99 In Puerto Rico, the players settle their plantations with colonists, plant and harvest crops, build useful buildings and ultimately ship the crops to Europe for profit. Who will be most successful? For 3-5 players, 12+, 90 minutes to play. Recommended. Product Details
San Juan, 2nd Edition £27.99 In San Juan, a card game based on Puerto Rico, the players are all trying to become the most profitable producer of commodities (indigo, sugar, tobacco, coffee, and silver) on the island, using buildings to help. 2-4, 10+, 45-60 min. Recommended. Product Details

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