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Boss Monster: Tools of Hero-kind exp. £8.99 Tools of Hero-kind will beef up those puny heroes with new item cards to make them more worthy of your dungeon. And when you best these heroes, you can pick up the goodies they thoughtfully brought with them! 2-4, 8+, 30 minutes. Product Details
Buzz It! £14.99 Buzz It! is a category game with a difference - it has some unusual categories and a Timer and a world-famous designer: Reiner Knizia. With 160 cards, 320 categories and some unusual rules, you get a peach of a party game for 3 to 10 players, 14+, 30 mins Product Details
Cacao £32.99 In Cacao, as chief of your people, you will lead them to prosperity and glory through the cultivation and trade of Cacao, "Fruit of the Gods". Place your workers and wisely use the power of the Gods to be richly rewarded. 2-4 players, 8+, 45 minutes. Product Details
Camel Up/Camel Cup £27.99 Camel Up is a wacky Camel race round a pyramid for 5 camels, with up to eight players betting on which camels will place first and second. The earlier you place your bet, the more you could win,, if you guess correctly... 2-8, 8+, 30 minutes. Recommended Product Details
Camel Up: Supercup £16.99 Supercup, the expansion for Camel Up, will enable you to play with up to 10 players and gives you 4 new options for tweaking your game with a longer racetrack and dice, a Photographer, bets on positions, and Betting Partnerships. 2-10, 8+, 30-45 minutes Product Details
Carcassonne game £32.99 Carcassonne is a simple tactical game that offers a unique experience - a majestic way to discover a new world! One of the most popular games we stock, it is great for 2 players or with more and can be expanded 2-5, 8+, 45-60 min. Recommended. Product Details
Carcassonne: Inns & Cathedrals Exp. £14.99 This new art version of Inns & Cathedrals is the first expansion for Carcassonne. Cathedrals double the value of cities, Inns do the same for roads. A large meeple counts double for a feature, and pieces for a 6th player are included. Product Details
Carcassonne: The Princess & The Dragon Exp. £17.99 In The Princess & the Dragon, a dragon is making life difficult for followers. In the city, the Princess seeks help from the knights, and farmers build secret passages to move about the countryside unseen by the dragon. 2-6, 10+, 60 mins. Product Details
Carcassonne: Traders & Builders Exp. £16.99 Compatible with bot the first and second editions of Carcassonne, the new art Traders & Builders is perhaps the most popular of the expansions for Carcassonne as it enriches game play in a number of rewarding ways. Recommended. 2-6 players, Ages 7 to Adul Product Details
Cash N Guns - Second Edition £24.99 In Cash N Guns, players will point foam pistols at each other and try to intimidate their opponents into letting them have the largest share. The bravest crooks enjoy the most money – but only if they live long enough to spend it! 4-8, 10+, 30 minutes Product Details
Castle Panic £32.99 In Castle Panic, the castle is under attack from an army of monsters and it is up to you, the players, to defend the walls from the various attacks. For 1 to 6 players, 10 to adult, an hour to play. Product Details
Castle Panic: Engines of War £17.99 In Castle Panic: Engines of War, you gain an engineer who builds catapults, ballistas and barricades to counter the monsters' new siege tower. war wagon and battering ram pluss shaman, breathtaker and goblin sabpteurs. 1-6, 6+8+, 60 minutes. Product Details
Castle Panic: The Dark Titan expansion £12.99 The Dark Titan, an expansion for Castle Panic, adds more powerful enemies to the game, as well as new reinforcements and weapons with which the players can defend the castle. It can be combined with The Wizatd's Tower. 1-6, 8+, 60 minutes. Product Details
Castle Panic: The Wizards Tower £22.99 Your Castle has been rebuilt, and a friendly Wizard has joined your forces. As long as his Tower stands, you have access to powerful magic spells, which you will need because the monsters have become more dangerous. 1-6, 8-10+, 60-90 mins. Product Details
Castles of Mad King Ludwig £47.99 In the Castles of Mad King Ludwig, you will build for Ludwig II the biggest, best castle ever, room by room (and tile by tile) - as a contractor for the king - and also the other players. You will also build for yourself. 1*-4, 10+, 90 mins. Recommended. Product Details
Cat Tower £17.99 In Cat Tower, the fold-up cats will perch upon each other's backs (the order of the tower will be determined by the roll of the die and the cards dealt to each player), so as to reach the plate of yummy fish just out of their reach, For 2*- 6 players, 5+, Product Details
Catan 5 & 6 Player Expansion £19.99 This expansion for The Settlers of Catan will enable you to play the basic game with five or six players. For 5 or 6 players, aged 10 to adult, about 2 hours. Recommended. Product Details
Catan, 2015 edition £44.99 Catan has been enduringly popular since winning the Spiel des Jahres in 1995. It combines skill with just a little luck, making for a superlative gaming experience. For 3 or 4 players aged 10 to adult, about 90 minutes to play. Recommended. Product Details
Catan: Cities & Knights £39.99 Cities & Knights adds several new aspects to Catan: creating knights to protect the land from invaders and building city improvements by trading in coin, paper and cloth, creating a Metropolis. For 3 or 4 players aged 10 to Adult, 60 to 90 minutes. Product Details
Catan: Explorers & Pirates £43.99 In Catan Explorers & Pirates, 3 islands are present. The players will build port settlements on one island where the landscape is known. You will explore, trade and discover new lands with ships. With 5 scenarios and 3 missions. 2-4, 12+, 90 mins. Product Details

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Results 121 - 140 of 945

Featured Products

Magic: Aether Revolt Planeswalker Decks

Magic: Aether Revolt Planeswalker Decks

Aether Revolt features two Planeswalker decks. The two decks contain 10 exclusive cards with the collector numbers above 184. The two Planeswalker decks are Ajani, Valiant Protector (Green/White) and Tezzeret, Master of Metal (Blue/Black). 2+, 10+, 45 min

A Game of Thrones the Board Game 2nd Edition

A Game of Thrones the Board Game 2nd  Edition

In the 2nd edition of A Game of Thrones the Board Game, three to six players take on the roles of the great Houses of the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros, as they vie for control of the Iron Throne through the use of diplomacy and warfare. 3-6, 14+, 3 hours.

RISK Refresh (2016)

RISK Refresh (2016)

Risk has had a makeover! The troops, cavalry and artillery are new sculpts with more detail. The board has a new topographic map with an antique feel. And Mission cards are back, giving players secret goals to win trhe game. 2-5, 10+, 90 minutes.

Dominion: Empires

Dominion: Empires

Dominion: Empires, the 10th addition to the game of Dominion, contains 96 metal tokens and 300 cards, with cards you can buy now and pay for later, piles with two different cards, and Landmarks that add new ways to score, VP tokens & Events. 2-4, 8+, 30 m

Risk Legacy

Risk Legacy

In Risk Legacy, the outcome of one game may affect that of other subsequent games. As you continue to play, some rules or cards may go out of play forever, with others will be brought into play. For 3*to 5 players, 10+, 30-90 minutes to play.

Legendary: Marvel Deck Building Game

Legendary: Marvel Deck Building Game

In Legendary, each player chooses a number of the 15 hero decks included in the game and shuffles them together. You then choose a mastermind, stacking that villain's attack cards underneath and modifying the deck for his scheme. 2-4 players, 10+, 45 mins

Magic: Shadows Over Innistrad Booster Display

You Save: £42.24
Magic: Shadows Over Innistrad Booster Display

Each booster display contains 36 randomised booster packs of 15 cards each. The Gameskeeper is proud to be giving out the buy-a-box promo Elusive Tormentor with purchase while stocks last! The 2 or 2+ players aged 10+, 45 minutes to play.



You play your cards, one at a time, around the table and around again. Tension mounts. Dare you try your luck? Will you raise the stakes or fold with the heat? Dare you bid again for the rose, or hope your foes get stuck with the grinning skull? 4-6, 8+

Mystic Vale

Mystic Vale

In Mystic Vale, take the role of a druidic clan trying to heal the curse upon the land. Play cards into your field to gain powerful and useful vale cards. Use your power wisely, or decay will end your turn. Score victory points to win the game! 2-4, 12+,

Star Wars X-Wing: Millennium Falcon

Star Wars X-Wing: Millennium Falcon

The Millennium Falcon has four pilot cards, fourteen upgrades and all the tokens you'll need. It also comes with the rules needed to include large ships in the game.

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