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Armory Reloaded £22.99 This supplement for the World of Darkness introduces an array of artifact weapons, both blessed and cursed, as well as information on high-tech, bleeding-edge armament, new fighting styles, and revised rules for combat mechanics. Hardcover Product Details
Bloodlines: The Legendary £17.99 Bloodlines the Legendary features nine new bloodlines, each using blood magics, along with their history and legends to awe your players. Product Details
Book of the Dead £22.99 The Book of the Dead is a Chronicle Book for World of Darkness and for Geist The sin Eaters. It reveals the secrets of the Underworld, the land of the dead. Product Details
Changeling The Lost: Swords At Dawn £24.99   Product Details
Clanbook Daeva £13.99 Daeva, a Clan book for Vampire the Requiem, describes the Succubi that are the Daeva, those so beautiful they can have their choice of prey. Product Details
Clanbook Ventrue £13.99 The Ventrue, of the Clans in Vampire the Requiem, are the ones that always come out on top. This Clan book will give you an insight into why they are the Lords over the Damned. Product Details
Dancers in the Dusk £19.99 Dancers in the Dusk explores dreams and nightmares, and how the Changelings interact with them. New hobgoblins and Hedge culture, the perils of dark Fate Dusk magic, the Dusk Court, new entitlements, and more. Hardcover Product Details
Gangrel £16.79 Gangrel is a clan book for Vampire the Requiem. The Gangrel are the savages of the vampire world. This book gives you the origins, secrets, lore and powers of the clan. Product Details
Horror Recognition Guide £14.99 The Horror Recognition Guide for Hunter, the Vigil, recreates the secret files and observations of the horrors encountered by a hunter cell in Phildelphia. Product Details
Hunter the Vigil Character Sheets £8.39 Character sheets will make it easier to generate and keep track of your character. Product Details
Hunter The Vigil Storyteller's Screen £8.99   Product Details
Hunter: The Vigil £22.79 Part of the World of Darkness is those who hunt the vampires, mages, werewolves, changelings. This is the subject of Hunter: The Vigil. Product Details
Hunting Ground: The Rockies £15.99   Product Details
Immortals £26.99 Immortals explores the forms of immortality in the World of Darkness. In particular it focuses on three types: the murderous blood bathers, the horrifying body thieves, and the exotic purified. With new rules and antagonists for Storytellers and players. Product Details
Keys to the Supernal Tarot £16.99 Keys to the Supernal Tarot is a Chronicle book for Mage tying the cards of the Major Arcana to 22 different cabals, legacies, artifacts and other story ingredients. Product Details
Lodges: The Faithful £18.99   Product Details
Lords of Summer £19.99 Lords of Summer is a character book for Changeling the Lost. It deals with those who take part in the four seasonal Great Courts and their place within them. Product Details
Mage: Grimoire of Grimoires £17.99 Grimoire of Grimoires is a collection of books of power, waiting for their secrets to be unlocked. This is a great resource for Mage characters and storytellers. Product Details
Mage: The Awakening £23.99 Mage deals with modern day sorcerers and their struggle to reshape the World of Darkness. Learn the different paths of magic, the spells and their cost. Product Details
Mage: The Awakening: Chronicler's Guide £22.99 The Chronicler's Guide examines the process of creating a chronicle and following it to a new and different place - a different reality. Product Details

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Results 1 - 20 of 43

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