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Elric of Melnibone RPG £19.99 The Elric of Melnibone RPG is part of the Runequest system series of games, containing the mechanics of the system combined with the unique world of Melnibone and the Young Kingdoms. Product Details
Elric: Cults of the Young Kingdoms £19.99 Cults of the Young Kingdoms examines in detail the different factions struggling for dominance and power in the Young Kingdoms. Product Details
Glorantha: Jrustela £14.99   Product Details
Guilds, Factions & Cults £14.99 Guilds, Factions & Cults have not previously been explored in detail for the Runequest game. Here, these organisations are seen as a way to give a campaign depth and substance. Product Details
Hawkmoon RPG £19.99 The Hawkmoon RPG visits the world created by Michael Moorcock and his hero, Hawkmoon, the Eternal Champion, using the RuneQuest system in this stand-alone game. Softback, 160 pages. Product Details
Hawkmoon: Granbretan £14.99   Product Details
Magic of Glorantha £14.99 Magic of Glorantha deals with the powerful magics practised by the God Learners and by the Dragonspeakers of the EWF. There are also new runic powers for Rune Magic. Product Details
Pocket RuneQuest Deluxe £17.99 Pocket RuneQuest Deluxe is a more portable format of the RuneQuest Deluxe rules. Product Details
Price of Honour £14.99 Japan, 999 AD. Japan is ruled by Emperor Ichijo and the Fujiwara clan dominates the court. Two rival clans threaten this powerbase, the Minamoto and the Taira. When the bakemono Lord Enezga seizes several territories in the Iwami province the countr Product Details
RuneQuest 2: Empires £14.99 RuneQuest Empires contains a wealth of source material on the creation and day-to-day running of a larger social, economic and protective grouping - an Empire - from the small to the large. Product Details
Runequest Games Master's Screen £10.00 The Runequest Games Master's Screen contains all the charts and tables a games master needs to run a game in a convenient, easy to find and durable form. 4-Paqnel Screen on heavy card, new condition. Product Details
RuneQuest II £24.99 In this new edition of Runequest, almost every aspect of the game has been overhauled, yet full backwards compatibility has been maintained and the new rules can be used with all previous material. Hard covers. Product Details
RuneQuest II: Necromantic Arts £19.99 Necromantic Arts is a toolkit for making despicable and terrifying enemies for the players in your RuneQuest games. Material in this book can be applied to any setting using the RuneQuest rules, from Glorantha to Lankhmar to Elric or to your Product Details
RuneQuest II: Arms & Equipment £19.99 The Runequest II Arms & Equipment guide is the new, improved, well-organised version of every adventurer's pre-occupation - what to pack??? Product Details
RuneQuest II: Deus Vult £23.99 In the closing years of the twelfth century, Saladin has reconquered the Kingdom of Jerusalem, and the holy city is once more in the hands of the Saracen. Heresies and sorcery rot Europe from within, while the nobles quarrel and bicker. This Product Details
Runequest II: Empires £19.99 Empires gives you the information needed to found, grow and run your own empire whether it be a simple border keep and village, or a dynasty ruling a continent-spanning empire. Hardcovers. Product Details
Runequest II: Glorantha: The Second Age £24.99 Covering every nation of Glorantha, this book lists the histories, myths and cultures of the world, complete with maps and detailed illustrations that bring the setting to life. Hardcover Product Details
RuneQuest II: GM’s Screen £10.00 With all the important tables and charts, the new Screen is made from sturdy heavy-weight cardstock and backed with stunning artwork for a long lasting quality product. Product Details
RuneQuest II: Monster Coliseum £24.99 With details of dozens of creatures, placing them in the exciting arenas where they do battle, and notes on the coliseum itself, this resource brings life and death to your RQII campaigns! Product Details
RuneQuest II: Pavis Rises £29.99 Pavis Rises is a complete campaign written for Runequest II. Running this campaign will keep your players busy for months exploring the environs. It is suitable for someone who has never before explored Glorantha as well as for experienced playrs/GMs. Product Details

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Results 1 - 20 of 22

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